A Greener Removal

Aware of our Carbon Footprint

Your Greener Removal Company

We have been trying to improve our carbon footprint and for this as a transport there are natural challenges.
We adhere to all Euro 6 Emissions expectations and laws.

We are replacing one of our more polluting Lorries for Two Part Hybrid Luton transits which have eco drive and much safer emissions.

Eventually we would love to have an all-electric fleet, so here’s to the future.


We have a huge focus and drive on being a greener company. Some of the ways we do this are to power down and unplug all electrical items when not being used.

We have energy saving bulbs in our offices and communal areas. We have motion sensor lights to reduce the amount of time a bulb is on, and electricity is being used.


We recycle and re-use all our cardboard boxes and wardrobe containers.

In most of our China and glass packing we use recyclable paper and only use Bubble wrap when necessary.